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Woodland Shopping Center – Tulsa, OK

The Woodland Shopping Center is just of Rt 44 In Tulsa. It is also the home to Lana Thai, the best Thai food in town. In this shot it looks like the lamp is lit, but I’m not so sure it wasn’t a trick of sunlight.


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Western Capri – Tulsa, Oklahoma – gone

Back in 2005 my family stopped in the western side of Tulsa, Ok on route 44 (also old route 66). I asked the owner of the Western Capri if I could snap a few pictures. He was somewhat hesitant because the sign was not working 100%. I spoke with him and convinced him to let me snap a few photos. The odd part was that that I could only see one piece of neon that was flickering and the sign was in better shape than 99% of the signs I see out there. The sign ended up falling to the wrecking ball in 2006 and the rest of the story is here.

First is a full photo and then some ‘artsy’ ones that I like. The most unusual part of this sign was the square pillar on the top. Normally when I see those, they are round. This is a fantastic sign with some great elements: 4 colors, 3 fonts, huge boomerang arrow, square pillar, internally lit word (Western), outlined font (Capri & Motel) and the arrow flashed! Sad to see this one gone.

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The Gateway is gone

It’s sad to start out the new place with word that an old sign is gone, but the Gateway Motel in Tulsa has torn down its sign. I snapped a few pics of it some years ago. Even though it wasn’t a great sign, it is better than what is going to replace it. I snapped this one in May of 2005.

Click to enlarge.

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