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Sheet Metal Service – Oklahoma City, OK – Gone

Went to the Thunder game tonight and on the way we passed 10th & May. I was sad to see that the Sheet Metal Service sign was now a plastic imitation of its once glorious self. They have the same logo, but it just doesn’t pack the punch of this one. Nothing makes a great neon sign like a arm swinging a hammer.


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Grace Cleaners – Oklahoma City, Ok

Grace Cleaners in at 529 W Main downtown Oklahoma City has been in business for 100 years. The sign is not that old, but the owner told me that it is one of a few porcelain signs still around. When I took this photo in 2006, the word “Night” was not working (I need to check this one out again). What makes this sign unique are the multiple colors, the chasing lights arrow and the flashing “day”/”night”. The owner at the cleaners told me that he has a local contact that obtains and repairs the old neon ballasts for him.

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Springdale Shops – Oklahoma City, OK

The Springdale Shops are located on west 50th in Oklahoma City. This sign doesn’t light up but I find the yellow neon tubing fairly interesting.

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Rite Way Cleaners – Oklahoma City, OK

On 50th, just west of the I-44, is Rite-Way Cleaners. The folks at the shop couldn’t tell me anything about the age of the sign, but I guess it dates back to the 60’s.

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Out of town and catching up – Hik-ry Pit, Oklahoma City

I’m out of town on work travel and while I’m cooped up in the hotel room, I thought that I would catch up and post the pics I have in Flickr.

This one is on 10th street & just east of May in Oklahoma City. I believe the business is closed.

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