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Lake Steam Bath – Denver, CO

When photographing neon, I usually try to get some sort of story about the place. So often the folks owning the business or working there know nothing about the sign or the history. However, this was different. The owner is the grandson of the man who started the business.

Opened in 1927 by a Russian immigrant, this business has been in the family and open the entire time. The owner said that his grandpa was a firm believer in the benefits of steam on a person’s health. While it is nothing to look at on the outside, for a place to be open 80 years and still be respectable says something for the ownership.

The sign does have heavy plastic covering the neon after it was destroyed during a hail storm several years ago. This one is also located on Colfax in Denver (It seems that almost all the neon in Denver is on Colfax, which is also US Route 6)


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Pete’s Kitchen – Denver, CO

This is one fabulous sign and on top of that the food is great as well.

When this photo was taken (about 5 years back), the flipping action was not working on the sign. This is located on Colfax in Denver, open 24 hours (like the sign says) and is a classic diner. It is definately worth stopping and at least grabbing something to snack on.

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