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Lake Steam Bath – Denver, CO

When photographing neon, I usually try to get some sort of story about the place. So often the folks owning the business or working there know nothing about the sign or the history. However, this was different. The owner is the grandson of the man who started the business.

Opened in 1927 by a Russian immigrant, this business has been in the family and open the entire time. The owner said that his grandpa was a firm believer in the benefits of steam on a person’s health. While it is nothing to look at on the outside, for a place to be open 80 years and still be respectable says something for the ownership.

The sign does have heavy plastic covering the neon after it was destroyed during a hail storm several years ago. This one is also located on Colfax in Denver (It seems that almost all the neon in Denver is on Colfax, which is also US Route 6)


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Pete’s Kitchen – Denver, CO

This is one fabulous sign and on top of that the food is great as well.

When this photo was taken (about 5 years back), the flipping action was not working on the sign. This is located on Colfax in Denver, open 24 hours (like the sign says) and is a classic diner. It is definately worth stopping and at least grabbing something to snack on.

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Alta View Motel Cafe – Sandy, UT – gone

I snapped this one several years ago on State Street, a major road that runs through Salt Lake City and points south. This one is in Sandy. There was no building at the time, just a bunch of trees and this sign. Last month I drove past again and now the trees are gone and they are clearing the land for some new development.

The utility pole was so close, there was no way to capture the sign alone.

Here is the back side of the sign

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Woodland Shopping Center – Tulsa, OK

The Woodland Shopping Center is just of Rt 44 In Tulsa. It is also the home to Lana Thai, the best Thai food in town. In this shot it looks like the lamp is lit, but I’m not so sure it wasn’t a trick of sunlight.

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Alana Motel – Clearfield, Ut – gone

I snapped this one in 2003 in Clearfield, UT. The Motel is still there, but sadly they replaced this sign with a generic plastic one.  In this picture, some of the sign had already been replaced so that ALANA and MOTEL were plastic, but the still had the neon arrows.

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Sheet Metal Service – Oklahoma City, OK – Gone

Went to the Thunder game tonight and on the way we passed 10th & May. I was sad to see that the Sheet Metal Service sign was now a plastic imitation of its once glorious self. They have the same logo, but it just doesn’t pack the punch of this one. Nothing makes a great neon sign like a arm swinging a hammer.

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Grace Cleaners – Oklahoma City, Ok

Grace Cleaners in at 529 W Main downtown Oklahoma City has been in business for 100 years. The sign is not that old, but the owner told me that it is one of a few porcelain signs still around. When I took this photo in 2006, the word “Night” was not working (I need to check this one out again). What makes this sign unique are the multiple colors, the chasing lights arrow and the flashing “day”/”night”. The owner at the cleaners told me that he has a local contact that obtains and repairs the old neon ballasts for him.

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