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Drill here, drill now

We got back from vacation to the usual pile of mail. Wading through the credit card offers, give-mes, buy-mes, and pay-mes, there was a very thick envelope. I cracked it open and was surprised to learn that a large local energy company wants to lease the mineral rights to my property.

They assured that they would not be drilling on my property (I happy, because the lot is small and I just finished getting the garden in shape). Our Homeowners Association is looking into the deal and I have to call a buddy of mine that is a land man.

I’m not expecting much, if any, money from this, but we’ll see what happens.


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Wilmington’s 8-sided house

Some of the In-Laws live near Wilmington, Illinois on Route 66. Even though this house is not on 66 itself, it is worth a small detour.

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The Gateway is gone

It’s sad to start out the new place with word that an old sign is gone, but the Gateway Motel in Tulsa has torn down its sign. I snapped a few pics of it some years ago. Even though it wasn’t a great sign, it is better than what is going to replace it. I snapped this one in May of 2005.

Click to enlarge.

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Awwww shucks!

On our recent trip back from Illinois, Lovely Wife, Lovely Mother-in-Law & I stopped at a local farmer’s stand and loaded up with 5 dozen ears of corn. Today, I was out on the back porch shucking the corn so Lovely Wife could blanch it and load it up into freezer bags. Happily, some of the ears were saved for eating as well as for grilling for salsa.

Tomorrow is salsa making day.

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